Dunk Tank Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does the tank require?

The tank requires 500 gallons (1800 liters) of water. You should have a water source available at all times, as the tank gets used the water level lowers, you should top it off if necessary. It is unsafe to use the tank at low levels, injuries may occur.

How long does it take to fill?

With a standard garden hose it will take around 1 hour to fill. If you go with a water truck it takes about 5 minutes. If you are using “garden hose” method, we will deliver your tank approx 1.5 hours before the start of your event.

Does Dunk Man supply the hose?

No. The customer is responsible for water supply and hose.

Can you recommend a water trucking company to fill the tank?

Google “Local Water Delivery” for companies nearest to your event.

How old must you be to use the tank?

Age 7 and up is a good start. The user must be at least 60″ in height.

What are the weight restrictions?

Users must be under 250lbs (114kg) to sit on the seat of the dunk tank.

How far back should we place the line to throw the balls from?

For kids we use 10 to 15 feet. For adults we use 20 feet.

What kind of surface does the tank need to be placed on?

Grass is preferred, but flat pavement is also acceptable. Please have the area free from rocks, glass or other debris. If we deem it to be unsafe for our tank and/or user, we will not set it up. Avoid dirt as it will create mud, and lots of it!

Do you offer Rain dates?

Dunkman is a small family run business and we try our best to accommodate Rain Dates free of charge when possible. However in peak season (June & July), we must take paying business over holding a date which may not be used. You can pay a non refundable Rain Date fee of $175 if you require a Rain Date to be guaranteed. We will notify you if we must cancel your “free” Rain Date in advance.

How long is the rental for?

The rental is for as long as you may require it in a one day term. You are responsible for the unit, so please make sure it’s delivered when you need it and not too early, and make sure you arrange for pick up as soon as your event ends. Standard Delivery/pick up times are between 9:00am and 7:00pm. Times outside this are subject to additional charges.

Does Dunk Man delivery?

Our quoted price will include delivery to your event. Prices can be found here.

What safety measures do I need to know?

Click here to download and print our Dunk Tank Safety Rules PDF format.